Contemporary Master Bedroom Project Walkthrough


Being interested in contemporary interior design urges me to share with you projects that I find quite appealing and pleasing and walk you through the shots of it and the details of it.

Today we will walk through a contemporary master bedroom shots and discuss the details of it and the elements of design.

This project is found on Behance.

The master shot has so many details to mention but I will do my best to cover them all!

A queen-sized floating bed with a very beautiful accent wall as we’ve read in our Bedroom design guide. The bed can be seen to be lifted off the ground by a few centimeters (around 10) giving the sense of extra space and the feel of a floating bed.

Two very elegant nightstands of a brown wooden texture and gold plated lengthy legs. These nightstand’s colors match perfectly with the classic wall panels and the night lamps installed as well. Giving a beautiful sense of harmony of having the same family of colors that match with no single color taking control.

What really captured my attention was this beautiful ray mirror on top of the bed. This beautiful looking gold-plated wall mirror matches perfectly with the nightstand’s lengthy gold-plated legs rendering this shot perfect and harmonious.

The wardrobe’s color matches the panels and the nightstands. The wooden texture as well, it’s like they were made for each other! The large mirror on the slider gives an extra space feeling and adds to the brightness and lighting of the room.


An abstract oil painted canvas placed between the two windows fitting the space perfectly and giving a feel of coziness, stemming from the same color palette of the room making it a perfect choice.

The last two shots show us a wall-mounted wooden TV rack that can also be used as a dressing room vanity with a wall-mounted mirror next to the TV, an amazing idea to save space and enjoy the TV and also utilize the room.

Finally, the crystal chandelier with multiple lamps placed in the middle of the room for maximum lighting throughput and distributed light exposure. Also, the spotlights around the room to enhance lighting and improve upon the chandelier.

The TV wall is noted to have some sort of texture, it can either be wallpaper or special decorative paint that has velvet texture, it’s greyish brown color blends perfectly with the other colors of the room making it a very beautiful contemporary master bedroom.

In this post, we have discussed elements of a beautiful contemporary master bedroom that caught my eyes on first sight! As we see the dominant aspect is to have a strong harmony in your color choices which would only happen if you’ve chosen well a color palette to represent your room and furniture. Even texture in furniture was matched well across the room making no single piece stand out, rather the whole collection. The lighting solutions are spot-on and will ensure every bit of the room is lit and well handled. For the remaining space in the room, 2 small chairs were placed with bright colors that match the whole scheme. A beautiful and neat design.

Jean Grigsby
Jean Grigsby
Jean Grigsby is a professor of Architecture at the National School of Architecture of Toulouse and she's here to walk you through projects she finds interesting and critiques them.

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Contemporary Master Bedroom Project Walkthrough

Hello, Being interested in contemporary interior design urges me to share with you projects that I find quite appealing and pleasing and walk you through...