5 Bedroom Ideas That Will Rock Your Small Space

Is a small space holding you back?

Are you styling your bedroom but its small space is holding you back? Feel no confusion and follow this guide for really clever bedroom ideas that will rock your small space!

Big cities, Small apartments! A call to all our friends living in small apartments and feeling like they have no space to design or place everything they want.

What you want lies in how you place it and how you style it not the other way around. With these simple tricks, a bedroom makeover will transform your room into everything you’ve ever wanted.

Factually, a small bedroom provides better night sleep compared to a wide/large bedroom. This means that your small bedroom is a blessing that you should embrace and enjoy. Designing it should be fun and easy and in the end, you’ll enjoy what you have.

small bedroom ideas

1. Under Bed Storage

When buying your bed ? you should always think of utilizing the huge space a bed takes. Beds aren’t just to sleep over but their huge volumes allow using them as storage devices in our small bedrooms.

Because we need to keep in mind that a small bedroom will have a small wardrobe, we need to utilize our bed volume as a storage device. The simplest and most usable form of bed storage is to have a bed with drawers that can be pulled and our items stored inside.

bedroom storage drawers

2. Vertical Storage: Use Shelves

Who said walls can’t be used for storage? We have a lot of walls surrounding us so why not use them in something fun?

Shelves can be used for many reasons, you can put books/decorations/small items like perfume and makeup on them. Saving a lot of places and organizing your bedroom.


3. Mirrors, Mirrors And More Mirrors

Physics taught us that an object seen in a mirror looks twice the distance further as it actually is. In other words, mirrors in a small room will double its size or at least how we perceive its size.

That’s a simple physical property of mirrors. Another reason to have a lot of mirrors in the room is that because they help light travel to every corner of the room making the room’s lighting much better.

With better lighting, the room will look brighter and happier thus giving you a feeling of space and positivity.


4. Use Bright Wall Paint And Furniture

Because bright colors like white/beige/off-white/light grey give a sense of space and expansion, you want to use one of these colors to have your room feel larger than it is and wider.

If you’re afraid of looking too pale you can resort to decorations that will break the ice of white like this Cotton Buffalo Check Throw or this Warm Bedside Lamp

white bedroom

5. BOLD Wallpaper

A small room can deliver a strong impression easily. With a lot of white in the room you’d need to have some pattern or an auxiliary color. That’s where wallpapers come in.

You can choose a bold wallpaper design that would capture eyesight on the first glance. Make sure you place it on an accent wall like the headboard wall to give a sense of orientation for your room.

I think these choices of wallpaper would look great in a bright mix small bedroom:

To recap, we’ve gone through 5 bedroom ideas for small spaces that will transform your room totally. Make sure you keep them in mind while you design your bedroom as these bedroom ideas will fix all the typical problems of a small bedroom.

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Dorothy Campbell dreams of a world where everything is as beautiful and organized as can be. Dorothy is a senior interior designer and a freelancer. She has revamped hundreds of office spaces/home/commercial buildings and she is passing down all that knowledge to the InteriorRocks readers.

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