Modern Master Bedroom Walkthrough

In the previous project walkthrough, we went over a contemporary master bedroom but this time we’re going over a modern bedroom design. This design from Aly Ramadan caught my eyes as it was released today on Behance and I decided to showcase it to everyone.


Elements Of A Modern Master Bedroom

  1. Color Palette

color palette

A color palette is the first step in designing your interior. The first thing we need to plan is a harmonious color palette. I’ve extracted the color palette of this project and as can be seen, it’s a “shades of grey and brown” project.

Grey is the goto color of most modern designs now. It gives a sense of luxury and comfort and coolness.

A greyish bed, headboard and bed wall puts the design in harmony and gives a sense of luxury. An accent wall with an embedded LED light profile separating two different colors. The color on the left moves a little from grey towards teal to break the shades of grey and introduce a more vivid color.

Some teal was used in the boxes in the gypsum column to give a beautiful background for the black artifacts. One last color worth noting is the presence of gold! Gold is the goto color for defining luxury in any design and we’ll note its presence in this design.

2. Bed

Yes! Bed! After all, it’s a bedroom and we have to notice the bed. This modern bed can be custom designed, I don’t think it’s available at any home depot. The closest match I could get was this Illunar Home King Size Bed but it’s still not a strong match.

As we can see the headboard is grey and winged and the bed is floating on four stainless steel feet. Its design of asymmetric rectangles looks quite luxurious and containing, which is enough for a bed. The bed linen is light grey which sticks to the overall color palette.

The choice of the dressing table is really modern, I like it and think that white is a good addition to the room to neutralize most of the darker colors in the room. I think this table is simple and beautiful, its curves are eye-catchy. Another beautiful is this dressing table because it blends both white and gold which would connect the chair, wall and gold bars together.

3. Accessories

Many accessories were used here, the most important are the gold bars and black modern artifacts. These gold bars connect with the nightstand since they’re both long and golden. Even on the TV unit, you can find gold inspired artifacts. This is exactly how you connect your room together and keep harmony.

4. Exemplar Furniture

The most important piece of furniture I like in this design is this beautiful curved yellow sofa and its multitude of colors cushions. This sofa gives a beautiful feeling to the room, it can work for a living room or a bedroom so long it’s facing a TV.

This can be a unique piece of your room. This is like the corner of the room that you decide to make look like it’s from another world.

In the end, I’d like to emphasis that these simple points make this design unique and beautiful. However, you can have your own touch of art in certain pieces of decor and furniture like this yellow sofa or modern artifacts.

Jean Grigsby
Jean Grigsby
Jean Grigsby is a professor of Architecture at the National School of Architecture of Toulouse and she's here to walk you through projects she finds interesting and critiques them.

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Modern Master Bedroom Walkthrough

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