A delicate bedroom takes your nightmares away and frees your body from negativity. We spent a lot of time in our bedrooms, even if we’re not awake, we’re still there. That’s why we need to plan our bedrooms well and make sure we take care of every detail.

To design your bedroom you need to design 3 phases:

  • Bedroom paint colors
  • Bedroom floorings
  • Furniture and storage

I’ll walk you through each step of these until you reach your design!

Bedroom paint colors

It takes a lot of planning to make sure in the end you get a coherent looking bedroom where every color in the room is holding hands with the other colors. You don’t want to feel like your colors are fighting because then you’ll start absorbing the negativity and feel less comfortable.

The first step in choosing your bedroom paints is choosing a color scheme that represents your room. The same way I described in the interior design intro tutorial. After choosing your color scheme you now need to choose your wall’s color.

You have to make a choice, either go simple and have a single color for your walls or have an accent wall that has a different color or wallpaper. Myself, I prefer having the bed’s wall as an accent wall with a different color from your scheme. This gives the room a sense of orientation.

Choosing paint colors isn’t easy, as you need to choose a very specific tone of a color. You don’t want to just pick a neutral color. No! find a suitable color from your scheme that would do well, and if you don’t you can then choose a neutral color with a warm/cool undertone like gray or off-white.

Choosing the color tone is not simple, you need to see them clearly before you choose. Tip: Never depend on smartphones/laptops/TVs or any monitor to compare wall paints, since they tend to change from screen to screen according to screen settings. Rather you should buy a color palette from paint manufacturers like SW so you can choose the exact degree that would work. Plus you can compare it to the cloth/linen colors for your bed/headboard/curtains and compare everything early on so you can have a sense if they stick to your scheme.

Bedroom floorings

The floor has to be chosen, however, it’s not as simple as paint colors as it tends to have patterns. This makes it a powerful addition to the room if you got to choose the correct choice.

Light grey HDF flooring makes the room like ultra-modern

There are many choices for flooring, these include:

  • High-density fiber (HDF)
  • Ceramic
  • Carpet

My favorite being the HDF floorings since these look ultra-modern and aren’t made of real wood, so they’re cheaper and easier to replace.

There are endless patterns of HDF floorings at vendors, you need to choose a color tone and pattern that would go well with your overall color scheme. That’s why you’re going to use the palette from Sherwin Williams to place your wall paint color sample over an HDF sample and see how well do they align.

That’s the only way you can align paint colors and flooring perfectly.

Carpet is used in many hotels and is considered a luxurious choice, however, for health complications, I advise against using it because it’s not good if you have a pet or if your rooms are exposed to any sort of dirt/sand/dust.

Furniture and Storage

Rule number one is to keep in mind that everything in the room that can be used as storage, should be storage.

Under your bed, your corner wardrobe, inside your tables and basically every place that will have some volume inside should be used as storage. Storage is the most functional aspect of your bedroom.

A typical bedroom can have the following pieces of furniture.

  • Bed
  • 2 Nightstands
  • Wardrobe
  • Vanity

These are the basics.

I would recommend having all of them if your room has enough space.

The wardrobe has to be as big as possible. If you’re having problems finding a place for a big enough wardrobe, use corners. Corner wardrobes are amazing and have huge storage potential.

On the other side, choosing your bed is fairly easy. choosing your bed’s headboard is very hard.

It will take time to find a nice looking headboard that suits your need and has a nice color. Again, the samples from Sherwin William’s will help you choose the headboard since you’ll be directly comparing your paint color to the headboard.

In the end, I would like to wrap up with this advice. You have to plan everything well in advance.

Invest time into planning and you’ll have a room that fits all your needs.

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