11 Home Decor Ideas That Will Trend in 2020

1. New decade, new ideas

White and navy kitchen

2020! It’s a new decade starting in less than 48 hours! Can you believe it? That’s quite an interesting date and an interesting era to be alive. And it’s nonetheless exciting in interior design and home decor! There have been a plethora of ideas in the past decade, however, they became tedious and repetitive. People have been going over the same ideas over and over again, but it’s becoming more obvious that new ideas have emerged recently and are going to become trends in the next year, and we will discuss these ideas today.

A lot of interior designers have lately been sharing certain ideas that they believe will flourish in 2020. Those ideas have been around already in 2019 but they speculate that these ideas are going to be on-demand and trendy in 2020. That’s why I’ve gathered these ideas together for you so you can be inspired. If you’re planning a makeover for your house, now is the perfect time with these ideas and a new decade starting.

2. High Contrast Designs

High contrast home with glass partitions - via Coco Lapine Design blog

If you’ve ever wanted to use black in your home decor, now is the time! Black is trending in home decor. For the past decade, people have been going white all the way but now is the time to change that with black being a trendy color. However, you still need to use it in a small portion as black will suck the lighting of your room and turn it dark.

3. Colored Kitchens

What did I just tell you? The past decade has been white paint in every aspect, but now is the time to change that. People have recently unlocked new paint colors for kitchens that were not used commonly. Colors like gray, turquoise, navy blue and many others that were never used in kitchens in the previous decade. These colors are cheerful and give a sense of calm and serenity to your kitchen. We’ve shared kitchen ideas that have a lot of beautiful choices in terms of colors and marble, make sure to check them out

Green Hue

4. Color trends: Navy Blue

American Walnut touches

It’s already very common now to paint an accent wall in navy blue. The color is calm and deep and will guarantee high contrast with other colors that we typically choose like white, off-white, beige, brown, etc… That gives navy blue its power, eye capturing and an instant modern taste is what this color expresses. I personally love to use it in most of my projects and I recommend you do too.

5. Floral wallpaper

Wallpaper Installation

Floral wallpaper has been there for a long time, they can even be considered a vintage choice. But surprisingly they’re coming back again strongly with new modern patterns and colors. They’re quite a good choice for bathrooms and children’s bedrooms.

6. Olive Trees

 Indoor Trees

These beautiful, smart, complex trees make a component in home decor that will definitely go on a trend in 2020. Subtle shades of green and small leaves of these trees make them a very strong choice for a lot of interior designers. Place a small tree next to a sofa or in a corner and you’ve made a beautiful natural scene with beautiful natural shades of green.

7. Freestanding Tubs

Artisan Signature Homes

It’s cozy, chic, beautiful. A lot of people prefer shower cabins compared to them but I’d go freestanding tub all the way. They make a bathroom feel like a bathroom compared to shower cabins that are very practical yet lack too much on the aesthetics part. A freestanding tub will be an aesthetic choice that compliments your bathroom and from an interior design point of view, it looks a lot better.

8. Patterned Bedding

Home Design Trends

This has been a trending idea in 2019 and will keep trending in 2020. Patterned bedding is a great addition to your bedroom’s interior design. Imagine changing your bedding every week with a different patterned set that matches your bed’s headboard, accent wall, and the furniture. Wouldn’t that be amazing? To have an ever-changing interior design! That’s why patterned bedding is trending.

9. Mosaics


With everything around us becoming slick and flat, our eye craves some texture. And nothing screams texture louder than the mosaic. Mosaic has been becoming trendy especially in bathrooms where they are used to decorate one column of a bathroom wall or a repeating column in the bathroom. More and new mosaic ideas will emerge in 2020 and will definitely be trendy!

10. Textured Art

Abstract art

What did I just tell you about our eyes craving texture? It’s not just Mosaic that we’re looking for. It’s also textured art. Texture adds a dimension to Art, a new dimension is always a point of discussion. You’ll always have a conversation-starting around your art choice.

11. Textured Paint

Color Wash Painting Techniques for Walls

The texture is not only for Art or Mosaic, but it can also be for your walls! The paint finish that has texture is becoming a trend in 2020 because it’s a better solution than wallpaper. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the paper, this solution will give your walls a beautiful texture and a feeling different from a smooth silk wall. It will become its own art rather than having to place anything on it.

Those were the 11 hot home decor ideas that we believe will be a trend in 2020. Ranging from paint colors, paint textures, mosaics, textured art, patterned bedding, and colored kitchens. These ideas have been on the market for a while but we believe will trend in the next few months.

Before you leave, here is a gallery of interesting home decor that you should definitely utilize in 2020.

verdigris wallpaper design

Glorious wallpaper design

MissPrint Saplings Wallpaper

 Abstract art

 Modern toilet

Modern bathroomcombed cotton construction

Duvet set

 Patterned bedding


Dolores Stewart
Dolores Stewart
Dolores is a recently graduated Arts major whose main interest is Interior Design. She joined the InteriorRocks team to express her opinions to the world and to share her new ideas.

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