1980s Interior Design: Vintage Fusion in 2020

Vintage is coming

1980s Interior Design Fusion With Contemporary in 2020

It’s by default now that clients are asking for either modern or contemporary interior design for their projects. Everybody’s favorite is one of those. All the time, however, some clients come with nostalgia to the 1980s and require that your modern and contemporary designs include elements from vintage style. But is that even possible? Can this fusion be real? My opinion is yes, it’s quite possible to do so if you understand modern, contemporary, and vintage well.

Modern Interior Design

Interior design has changed a lot from previous decades. It’s an ever-changing paradigm with new styles and different tastes coming all the time. Designers thrive to be creative and produce new ideas all the time. Consumers are always looking for a change. And that’s why the field is full of new ideas and changes a lot through time.

Modern bedroom
Modern Bedroom via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/629307747918866658/

Modern interior design is known for being simple and minimalist. Fewer colors, fewer items, and fewer details yet more reliance on decor accessories like wall portraits and indoor plants. Usually in modern interior design objects are uniform and have fewer deformations in shape. For example, you will find more circles, squares, and rectangles in contrast to hexagons, octagons, and pentagons or fluid shapes, which is quite different from the 1980s Interior Design.

 Modern Bedroom
Modern Bedroom via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/629307747918798261/

The message that modern interior design conveys is that everything should be minimalist and only your accessories should handle the decor aspect. That makes it a lot easier to construct and so much simpler for renovation. Changing accessories is not as much of a hassle as changing furniture. That’s why it’s simple and preferred by a lot of my clients.

Green modern bedroom
Green modern bedroom via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/629307747918798257/

Plus, modern interior design plays on utilizing space as well as giving space. It’s the enemy of cluttered rooms and busy hallways. It’s all about having space for you to move and for everyone to feel the house is welcoming them rather than feeling in a cluttered wardrobe.

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior design, on the other hand, is hard to define. It’s all about new ideas that are fresh out of a designer’s head. Contemporary plays on heavy decoration and eye-catching designs. For example, contemporary prefers wall cladding like using MDF panels that have a beautiful shape to decorate your accent walls. You can find gold partitions in a contemporary setting. Chairs can have different shapes from their usual known shapes.

Contemporary bedroom
Contemporary bedroom via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/629307747918866706/

A Two-Story Home with a Sleek Gray Color Palette
Contemporary bedroom via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/629307747918866690/

There’s a lot of creative ideas in contemporary interior design. But what we all agree on is that it’s the go-to-style for creative and breathtaking ideas. How will that work with the 1980s Interior Design?

Contemporary Master Bedroom
Contemporary bedroom via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/629307747918732861/

1980s Interior Design

Interior Design of the 80s was fundamentally different from what it is now. You can’t compare them, that would be unfair. In the 80s, things were a lot simpler, TVs looked different, kitchen appliances were different. Everything was uncomparable to our decade.

However, we can still inspire ideas from the 80s and utilize them in our current interior design. A simple bed from the 80s or a TV stand might still work well with our current designs in 2020. It would be a centerpiece in your room that comes from the 80s and the remaining room will look like it’s come from the future, yet they share a lot in common.

80s interior gingerbread house interior design by Ron Wilson.
80s interior gingerbread house via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/679199187540618093/

Why is vintage coming back?

Ideas from vintage style interior design are long gone and forgotten. The 2010s have all been about new and creative ideas, minimalistic, Scandinavian, and contemporary designs. Then why are we looking back to an era that is long gone?

People simply feel nostalgic about the 1980s where they had their childhood. They’re trying to recreate scenes from their past and mix them with the future that we live in. It’s all about nostalgia and attaching oneself to culture.

Vintage is coming back in interior design. Definitely not the same way it once was, but with a fusion that includes contemporary and 1980s interior design producing new designs that will feel futuristic and up to the trend yet be nostalgic.

1980s kitchen
1980s kitchen via https://www.pinterest.com/pin/557039047654966484/

Dorothy Campbell dreams of a world where everything is as beautiful and organized as can be. Dorothy is a senior interior designer and a freelancer. She has revamped hundreds of office spaces/home/commercial buildings and she is passing down all that knowledge to the InteriorRocks readers.

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