9 Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

What are the latest trends in Modern Farmhouse Decor?

We asked a lot of interior designers about their feeling when they see a modern farmhouse-inspired project and what aspects do they notice. Their replies were always that they felt warmth. Everybody feels warm inside a farmhouse. That’s why this style has found its way into interior design and even got mixed with Modern interior design to form the new modern farmhouse decor.

Everybody senses a new and encouraging enthusiasm towards everything old. Whether vintage interior design or farmhouse. People just love the nostalgic feeling they get from their homes and strive to apply them through their houses. But that’s totally understandable. The farmhouse spirit invites you to a walk down memory lane where you feel the warmth and your perception is a life without all the hassle we feel these days. Simple life it was and that’s what you’re craving right now.

Modern Farmhouse decor has a meaning that we can explain. It’s a rustic country sense that you get and fuse with modern interior design or Scandinavian interior design. Take that mix and add some warmth and minimalism to it and you’ll get the modern farmhouse decor spirit.

It’s quite surprising when you first hear modern farmhouse as you’d expect they’re two different things. Even contradicting in a sense if you consider farmhouse as old and vintage. But in fact, the new fusion is beautiful and puts a fresh spirit to your rustic and old elements. And that is the spirit of the new style, modern farmhouse.

With all these ideas, we have to showcase some of them, so we picked 9 ideas that can shape your modern farmhouse decor. You don’t have to follow all of them, it would be enough to inspire and produce your own ideas based on them. That way you can introduce the farmhouse warm aspect into your modern/Scandinavian interior design. Let’s see those modern farmhouse interior design ideas.

1. Neutral Hues

Neutral hues create the perfect backdrop for a mix of new and vintage finds at Christmas time.
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If you ask me what’s common between modern interior design and vintage interior design I’d say it’s neutral hues. Neutral colors include greys, beige, ivory, and white. Those colors will help give a feel of space and also be a background for your farmhouse decor. That way you can be sure your style will be striking and deliver a strong message.

2. Wood Accents

Wooden accents
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Wood accents are a cornerstone of a farmhouse. You have to use some wood accents either in your ceilings, furniture, and walls. Wood accents over neutral backgrounds give you the inviting feeling of a farmhouse. Also, warmth and that nostalgic feeling are always associated with wood accents. It’s one of the most important modern farmhouse interior design ideas.

3. Kilim Rugs

Unique Tips For Decorating With Kilim Rugs | Domino
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Kilim rugs match perfectly well with wood accents. They also convey a message of vintage and rustic. You will feel the beauty of them in farmhouse decor and that’s how you add a rustic sense to your design. Kilim rugs are known to be unique in designs and warm giving to design.

4. Sliding Barn Door

Sliding Barn Door
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What’s a very common design element that’s known to be between modern interior design and vintage/farmhouse decor? It’s definitely sliding barn doors and barn doors are definitely a farmhouse decor item. Those doors are rustic and have a wood accent that’s warm. They’re more of a decorative element than a casual door, yet they provide their functionality with no compromise at all.

5. Stone Walls

57 Exposed stone wall ideas for a modern interior | My desired home
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Personally, I’m a big fan of stone walls because they look so natural to the eyes and everything natural is warm! Thus, in my opinion, stone walls made their way into farmhouse decor and are one powerful idea in modern farmhouse interior design ideas. There are so many types of different stones that can be used but I advise you to stick to stones with a red undertone because they will complement your wood accents very well and glow warmth in your room.

6. Victorian Oak Beds

King Size Victorian Sampler Bed Oak
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Victorian Oak beds align quite well with wood accents, a king-sized bed is going to align better with farmhouse decor than a queen-sized bed because bigger furniture also deliver a vintage sense.

7. Leather Pendant Light

Leather Pendant Light
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Matte brass and brown light pendants that are made of leather are also a good choice if you’re into farmhouse decor because they carry a warm and natural feeling. They also feel quite natural to your eyes compared to modern chandeliers and thus those light pendants will complement your design by being natural and modern looking yet not so vintage.

8. Vintage Tubs

Search Results | Vintage Tub & Bath
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For your bathrooms, we can’t ignore cast iron vintage tubs. Those tubs are revived from the past to deliver a message that they carry your memories back from when you were a child.

These cast iron vintage tubs will complement your bathroom’s wood accents with a vintage style. That way you’ll have the farmhouse effect in your bathroom, although, it’s not necessary here since you can just stick to a modern bathroom. But if you’re really a die-hard fan of farmhouse decor then you should really have a vintage tub.

9. Redwood Cabinetry

Redwood Cabinetry
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Redwood cabinetry and oak wood have two aspects, the first being luxury and the second being vintage. That way your kitchen can look breath-taking and warm just like every aspect of your farmhouse decor.

One final thought is that there’s no hard boundary for what defines a style and whatnot. It’s up to your taste in the end, so if you have different ideas that would still relate to a modern farmhouse then you should try them on a project and see how they go. In that case, make sure you share it with the community so other designers can benefit from it. And make sure you follow our Pinterest farmhouse decor board.

Dorothy Campbell dreams of a world where everything is as beautiful and organized as can be. Dorothy is a senior interior designer and a freelancer. She has revamped hundreds of office spaces/home/commercial buildings and she is passing down all that knowledge to the InteriorRocks readers.

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