Apartment In Kyiv Project Walkthrough

Kyiv Apartment Walkthrough

The first scene, a sofa

Hello again in a new project walkthrough, we’ve previously gone through projects like modern and contemporary bedrooms. this time we’re going over an apartment in Kyiv. This apartment follows a bohemian style interior which makes it a unique project to go through and a good source for ideas for everybody. The designer of the project is Olga Fradina, you can find the project on her Behance page

Let’s go over the shots and analyze them.

The color scheme here is all off-white/beige with an orange/brown undertone. The first thing that comes to mind looking at it is a prehistoric scene. The wool and fur used with their colors and the color scheme around them gives a sense of living in a prehistoric cave or belonging to nature. That doesn’t necessarily mean this isn’t modern or looks old and vintage. This looks quite new and creative!

I tried to find the round boho painting on the wall somewhere, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Although I could find some similar ideas to it for those of you who are trying to implement this style. This beautiful painting gives a sense of the last moments after sunset and before it’s totally dark.

And for the sofa cover, I found a very cheap idea to have the same effect. This sofa cover would cost you around $20 and will give the same boho effect on your sofa which is quite fascinating to your style.

Also, this beautiful fur throw blanket would have the same decorative effect on your sofa.

Scene two, small wooden tables

The focus of this shot is the two tables. They look as if they’re raw wood without any finish with this color in mind it quickly jumps to your mind the bohemian style and the resemblance of nature. Also, the flooring tiles are in perfect harmony with the tables and their color is complementary to the sofa and its covers.

Two sizes of this table would give the same shot and same style.

Scene three, dining.


This shot shows a dining room, quite out of the ordinary, extremely bohemian style chairs and table. There are three points here that concern me. The table, chairs and the chandelier. So, let’s look at each one of them. The dining table looks like a very basic wooden table. Plain texture, no color, no drawings or wood sculpture. A basic table like this is really nice, you don’t want to put so much pressure on the table! The closest I could find to it is this table from Ashley, although it’s not colorless like this one.

The chandelier used is a white modern globe chandelier. This one isn’t really bohemian, it’s a modern chandelier. But I wouldn’t really think of a chandelier that would stick to the boho theme as much, so this modern chandelier would do just fine. It looks beautiful in this setup, maybe even better than a modern setup.

Now the chairs. I don’t know what I think of these chairs. They’re either extremely awful or just the right chairs for this room. Maybe black fits the room so well. But I don’t like the texture of the chairs. They look like steel chairs that survived a house burn. Maybe they’re so boho to an extent I can’t understand them but in the end, they fit the design so well.

Wrap up

This was a fairly nice project to walk through, although it’s lacking a very important room which is the master bedroom. I’m so up for ideas on how will they stick to the bohemian style in the master bedroom. The apartment looks like a small space apartment which makes it a good source of ideas for small spaces. Overall it’s an artistic project and the designer has a great touch.

Jean Grigsby
Jean Grigsby
Jean Grigsby is a professor of Architecture at the National School of Architecture of Toulouse and she's here to walk you through projects she finds interesting and critiques them.

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