Christmas decorations DIY: Christmas Wreath

Time to make some Christmas decorations!

Hey! It’s the Christmas season! which means we’ll start getting our Christmas decorations ready. But wouldn’t it be fun if this year you decided to make your own decoration instead of buying them ready-made? That would be fun and amazing and a pleasant experience for the whole family. Especially children who will be amazed that they can DIY. After all, Interior Design is fun!

With all the thrill of it, I’m going to write a series of posts describing different DIY Christmas decorations that can be done by any family using simple components that require no hard work. Everything will be simple to integrate and form your Christmas decorations in a few hours with the kids watching, learning and even helping. This will make a great family activity over the weekend and will definitely skyrocket the Christmas spirit!

Things you need

Total: $63
Final product: multiple Christmas wreath with ball ornaments + the fun of building it!

Steps to create the Christmas wreath

  1. The first step is to ensure all hangers of the ornaments are tight and are not loose. Use the glue gun to ensure they’re correctly in place and can lift the ornament.
  2. Check your ornaments and think about their arrangement. Make sure you vary them by size and color.
  3. Cut a bunch of wire pieces around 8″ in length each. Start off with 30 wires and we’ll add more if we need
  4. Take 1 wire and thread it through the hangers of 3 ornaments. Vary these ornaments by size and color. Make sure you fold the wire 2 or 3 times after threading through the 3 ornaments. (You can also try 5 ornaments but you’ll need to cut your wire longer than 8″)
  5. Finally, take this newly made cluster and secure it to the wreath frame by wrapping the wire around it tightly. Keep making clusters and securing them until you cover the whole front and side of the wreath frame. In case of gaps, fill it with 1 ornament.

Christmas Wreath with Ball Ornaments

Enjoy your beautiful wreath. You can get smaller wreath frames and let the kids DIY them. It will be a fun learning experience for them and an amazing Christmas spirit by building Christmas decorations!


Dolores Stewart
Dolores Stewart
Dolores is a recently graduated Arts major whose main interest is Interior Design. She joined the InteriorRocks team to express her opinions to the world and to share her new ideas.

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