Decorating Ideas Sources

What to do if you’re looking for inspiration?

What are Decorating Ideas Sources?

Having a project, renovation project, or just decorating your own house can be quite intimidating at first sight. Your imagination has to be quite fertile to build the whole project inside your head. That’s a talent you’ll build over time, but not if you’re still a beginner. That’s why you need to fall back to methods that will show you decorating ideas.

There are a lot of sources on the internet that you can learn from. But I prefer a few of them because they always answer my questions. These sources are very helpful and will help you cover your project with ideas and new ideas that are fresh.


Pinterest can be a huge source of ideas. Pins that cover all topics and styles will be an ever-expanding decorating ideas source. You can always check the InteriorRocks Pinterest boards collections for various boards that cover different interior design topics.

DIY tutorials, Interior Design Ideas, and Interior Design 101 at


Another source of decorating ideas and products is Houz which covers furniture, home & garden, and interior design. You can find pins like Pinterest with links to the items in them which can be pretty useful if you’re interested not only in inspiration but execution as well.



Remember our post about Emily Henderson who is a host at HGTV? HGTV can be a great source of information and decorating ideas for everyone. HGTV features project walkthroughs, items, ideas, tutorials, and TV shows from well-known designers.


It goes without saying that Behance is the #1 source of high quality interior design projects. It’s not limited to interior design only but it also covers other domains like architecture, exterior design, product branding, and graphic design.

Flat in Saint Petersburg
Project by: Polina Poludkina

How to use such decorating ideas sources?

First, you need to realize what you’re going for. For example, are you going to renovate your house? Let’s pick a room, living room per se, now we need living room ideas. You can find many ideas on Pinterest. You pin those to a board, but you still want inspiration that is coherent and of multiple views, so you browse to Behance and search for projects for living rooms under your desired style. Now that you have projects that cover the full living room with all their details and also have different pins for different ideas you need to start executing.

Houz comes to the rescue by directing you towards sources of products that you’re seeing in your decorating ideas making it possible for you to execute and reach the same results like the ones in the photos.

Dolores Stewart
Dolores Stewart
Dolores is a recently graduated Arts major whose main interest is Interior Design. She joined the InteriorRocks team to express her opinions to the world and to share her new ideas.

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