Nate Berkus: Let’s Review His Top 7 Designs

Nate Berkus: An Interior Design Pioneer

Visiting Nate

It’s not fair to discuss Interior Design without mentioning pioneers in the field like Nate Berkus. Being one of the most famous interior designers in the United States and the world. Nate Berkus gets his fascinating fame from his signature designs. Famous as an influencer, a father and an interior designer. He’s well known and his work is as well.

But here we’re only going to discuss his artwork and his signature designs. Sure, it’s unfair to say those are the top 10 designs that he’s made but let’s just call them the top 10 designs in our opinion. His designs usually have a retro flavor. He uses Smeg’s appliances that give a vintage sense.

Statement tub, a Nate Berkus signature


This beautiful tub is going to trend in 2020 have my word about this! It’s a beautiful vintage-style bathtub. The thing is eye-catching and makes the whole bathroom’s decor all by itself.

A wild mix



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A mix of #vintage and contemporary pieces with a ton of texture brought life to this airy #Brooklyn apartment. @real_simple

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What happens when you mix vintage and contemporary in the same design? This is how it would look, this beautiful design mixes two different styles and puts them to harmony.

A unique hallway

A console at the end of a hallway. Extremely elegant design and a piece that transforms a hallway into art.

Chocolate store

Not sure if the chocolate store is more yummy or the design! Definitely a design that will subtly force you to fill your hands with chocolate every time you visit this store.

Oak and Iron

200-year-old oak tree with full-height, iron and glass double doors. That sounds interesting.

Flawless bathroom with a Nate Berkus signature tub


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Bathrooms should be beautiful, don’t you think? 📷 by: @dibblephoto

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How could a bathroom be possibly this smooth, flawless and beautiful? You ask Nate Berkus.

Timeless kitchen

This timeless finish kitchen is breathtaking! The white quartz countertop, the white and navy kitchen units, and the stools. That’s a beautiful mix in there. A mix that makes you realize the designer is a genius.

The walk is over but the ideas are infinite

Those were 7 ideas from Nate Berkus that was definitely worth the share. We should look into more of his stunning designs. The interior design ideas that we’ll learn and inspire from him are endless.

Sarah Diaz
Sarah Diaz
Sarah Diaz is an architect who's in love with interior design. She has been working as an architect designing various exterior and interior sites. She's part of the InteriorRocks team to share her ideas on interior design and architecture.

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