How to transform your kitchen by decorating kitchen appliances

Decorating Kitchen

Your kitchen isn’t perfect

We get a lot of questions from friends and readers about their kitchens not being perfect aesthetically. Don’t you sometimes get that feeling that your room is not perfect? It’s not eye-pleasing as you’d expect. The first question we get is how to transform our countertops to improve the kitchen’s design.

That’s just so wrong, I’ve seen people rush into a countertop makeover even though their countertop looks fine. Others opt for a full cabinet makeover, which makes sense but isn’t the only way though. If your cabinets are relatively new, why waste your time and effort on new kitchen cabinets?

People often forget this

What is a kitchen composed of? Let’s state the facts:

  1. Kitchen cabinets
  2. Countertops
  3. Wall tiles/paint
  4. Floor tiles/paint

Why does everyone just forget about the appliances aspect of the kitchen, it’s fundamental! People take their appliance looks for granted and that is just pure wrong. You can totally have an appliance look makeover that will totally transform your kitchen.

Bring back the harmony to your kitchen by changing how your appliances look instead of changing them altogether. This is a budget-friendly solution that will save you tons of money for changing kitchen cabinets, countertops, wall and floor tiles.

Cheap and easy Decorating Kitchen Appliance Ideas

As we agreed, there’s no need to replace your appliances just for the new looks. There are many ways to have your appliance look different and more adherent to your kitchen decoration without buying new ones. These ideas are your cheapest bet, so let’s go over them and I’ll leave you to decide if it’s better or just go ahead and buy a new set of appliances.

Wall-mounted plants onto your fridge

 decorating appliances

If you think your fridge is taking too much vertical space and looks boring with a single color, you’re right. Fridges can indeed be a boring tall silver/black/white device without many colors. Adding a few wall-mounted indoor plants to the side of your fridge will transform it totally into a new view.

Those plants can be real or artificial, it doesn’t matter. But if you opt for natural, you’ll have a bigger variety. You can as well look for plants that have small flowers to add an element of red into your mix. Flowers are known to produce scents that will improve your kitchen’s smell. Plus, the plants will keep your kitchen fresh like a garden.

Fridge top decor

Fridge top decoration

Why not consider your fridge a high table and top it with some nice decorations? A kitchen sign would be perfect on top of it. Maybe a small pot with a tiny plant? There are so many options. A multi-color vase would fit perfectly as well. Just borrow what you have now on any side table and put it on your fridge top and see if you like it.

Fridge door stickers

Fridge stickers

If your fridge is the boring white type, stickers can make it a whole different device. All you have to do is to pick a suitable design of stickers that can complement your fridge’s white with your kitchen’s tones. Find any sticker on the internet or if you’re proficient in photoshop design your own. Print them on vinyl paper and you’re ready to have your fridge makeover.

This is going to cost you under $5 to transform your fridge, compared to hundreds of dollars for a new one. Isn’t this a smart solution? You don’t even have to modify your kitchen countertops or cabinets. Just print a sticker and place it on your fridge and it’s a new one.

Cheap but harder decorating methods

Appliance paint

fridge makeover with paint

Your boring white fridge can be colored, it doesn’t have to remain boring white all your life. There are specific paint types for appliances that are made just specifically to transform your appliances.

Get a few Rust-Oleum packages and start coloring your fridge. This is an easy DIY job for you and will cost you under $50. The results will be breath-taking and you will keep getting the question if your fridge is brand new.

Chalkboard spray paint

Better yet, why not use a spray paint that will turn your fridge into a blackboard that you can decorate with chalk or even write on top of?

Fridge chalk paint

Chalkboard paint will give your fridge a dark matte finish that is possible to write on with chalk. It would make a great kitchen decoration and a nice and practical TODO list for your kitchen.

Stainless steel sheet

Stainless steel fridge sheet

Who said that the boring white fridge can’t be transformed into a modern looking silver fridge? With stainless steel flashing rolls, you can transform your fridge into a modern-looking silver appliance. And the cost is very little compared to what you’d pay if you’ve decided to buy a new fridge!

Wallpaper but not for walls!

Wallpaper for fridge

Nobody told us when we first started this career that wallpaper isn’t just for walls. One property of wallpaper is that it works for any surface that is straight or with very little curves. This means that your fridge can be covered in wallpaper just like any wall would.

Not only that, you can even design how you want your fridge to look like and custom print wallpaper that can be installed in the fridge. Giving it a customized fresh look.


I know I have been using the fridge only as if it were the only appliance in the kitchen, but it’s not. Every idea illustrated here can be applied to microwaves, kitchen hoods, or technically any other appliance in your kitchen. You don’t have to restrict yourself to a fridge. Feel free to follow our Pinterest collection for more ideas.

David Lambert
David Lambert
David is an artist who's interested in details and perceives the work as his artwork. David's goal is to inspire readers to look at details that they never thought of focusing on. "Fine touches, fine details. Those are where we need to focus"

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