What Is The Best Mattress For Fibromyalgia?

What is Fibromyalgia?


An estimated 10 million people in the US and 3-6% of the world’s population suffer from the chronic disorder “Fibromyalgia“. This disorder causes pain throughout the body on a regular basis. This reflects on you by having severe fatigue and lack of energy. Also, insomnia and often waking up during the night will make you feel tired generally. With all that pain, it’s best to go for a mattress that will ease that pain for you and be comfortable.

How do I know that I have Fibromyalgia?


One answer: sleep disturbance. It’s reported that most of the people suffering from Fibromyalgia do not feel refreshed after sleeping. They’re also known to suffer from insomnia and waking up multiple times at night. If you analyze your sleep using a fitness band or a mobile app, you can notice that your deep sleep time is very low.

Another issue that’s known to come with Fibromyalgia is restless legs syndrome. This is a syndrome that causes you to feel constantly that you want to move your legs around in bed. It can keep you up all night as if your legs are yelling for you to help them find a comfortable position. Agitating as it is, it can also keep you up all night.

Sleep apnea is also observed in 60% of men who suffer from Fibromyalgia. The condition interrupts your breathing during sleep. This can wake you up or make you feel tired and restless during sleep. It can even become dangerous as your heart will feel uncomfortable and in extreme cases may stop.

But how can your bed help you?

Best mattress for Fibromyalgia

Instead of looking for medication that would ease your condition, it’s advisable to look for lifestyle changes that would ease the pain and relieve your body during sleep. Among those changes, you can get a new mattress that is made taking into consideration Fibromyalgia. A mattress that isn’t high quality will press on pressure points in your body that are already agitated. Adding more pressure to the wrong points can make your condition worse. The same thing applies to your office chair. That’s why understanding ergonomics is essential.

High-quality memory foam can help by easing a lot of pain points but the problem here is that the higher the quality, the higher the price. Quality memory foam is known to be in the range of thousands which is definitely too much for a bed mattress. This is why we’re going over the top brands that supply the highest quality memory foam with the most reasonable price. These mattresses are specific for those with Fibromyalgia disorder.

Best mattresses types for Fibromyalgia

The market is flooded with different mattresses manufacturers, however, it’s hard to find the difference between them. It’s even harder to find a manufacturer’s mattress that takes in consideration medical conditions like Fibromyalgia. That’s why we will outline mattress types that are suitable for Fibromyalgia so you can target them.

  • Latex

    • 100% latex mattresses are known to be the most durable on the market. They’re known to be healthy and very clean and breathable. They offer the most back support during sleeping. However, they’re known to be on the pricey side of the market.
  • Inner Spring

    • The #1 choice in the market because these mattresses are the most breathable. As those with Fibromyalgia are known to suffer from night sweats, these mattresses are best because they allow for an airflow due to the spaces between the springs. Thus, these mattresses are known to be cooler during sleep. However, its durability is very limited and its lifetime is short. Expect to change it in a couple of years as it starts becoming lumpy.
  • Memory Foam

    • Memory foam and especially, high-quality memory foam, has been gaining traction on the market for the past decades. It offers optimum support for your body and has no pressure points. It also encourages spine alignment, reduces allergens and fits many different beds. This type can prevent a lot of paint, but you only need to pick the right one.
  • Natural Fiber

    • The only advantage we can think of in natural fiber is that they’re natural. If you’re allergic to certain chemicals in other mattresses then you should definitely opt for a natural fiber mattress. These mattresses are known to have moderate durability and to have the least amount of chemicals present.

Which mattress brand has high-quality memory foam?

There are many brands that supply mattresses and claim to be durable and support offerings. However, a lot of them show to be of cheap materials and loses its shape and durability in no time. We’ve researched the market and this table has the top brands for each mattress type. We leave the decision of the best mattress for Fibromyalgia for you to decide after seeing the comparison.

Twin Mattress, Coolvie 11 Inch Innerspring MattressLUCID 12 Inch Full Latex Hybrid MattressLINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid MattressPure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper
Inner SpringLatexMemory FoamNatural Fiber (Natural Latex)
Elegant knit fabrics
Cool and breathable
Smooth and solid
Sking friendly
Perfect mattress for those who want the comfort of memory foam with the hypoallergenic and breathable properties of latexThis high-profile hybrid combines the edge support of an innerspring mattress with the comfort and adaptability of memory foam
The LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Hybrid Mattress is the softest mattress in the LINENSPA line and sleeps cooler than standard memory foam.
Latex Provides Amazing Pinpointed Support - Sleep Better Instantly
The extra-firm support of this topper is great anyone who enjoys a firm supportive mattress (Firmness rating is 44 ILD)
Latex Foam Naturally Stays Cool
Comfort and Support. Our natural latex foam reacts instantly to provide perfect comfort and support. Unlike memory foam, you'll never experience any sinking as the night goes by. Our topper will maintain contoured support throughout the night.

Durability. Pure Green Natural Latex Foam is one of the most durable bedding materials on the planet. Natural latex foam is far more durable than polyurethane foam or memory foam. Our latex foam scored a 99/100 on the LGA physical properties test for exhibiting extraordinary performance and durability. The bottom line... our mattress topper will probably last longer than the mattress you use it on top of.

Breathability. Pure Green Natural Latex Foam is heat neutral. It will not absorb body heat or change firmness depending on the temperature. Latex foam is an open-celled foam and contains tiny air chambers that run throughout the foam. These air chambers allow the air to flow freely though the topper. While a latex foam topper can not always make a bed cooler, a 2"-3" topper can serve as a great buffer between your body and a hot memory foam (or polyurethane foam) mattress.
30 days trial100 days trial100 days trial30 days trial
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