Safavieh Modern Abstract Grey and Ivory Area Rug Review

Modern Abstract Grey and Ivory Area Rug Review

Hello again! Today we’re reviewing a Modern Abstract Grey and Ivory Area Rug from Safavieh. This is typically an area rug for a living room, it can also work for a bedroom or a dining room but we see it more suitable for a living room. This is a medium price range rug. It’s an abstract style rug that can go very well with modern and contemporary themed homes (Understand Interior Design styles by reading our Interior Design 101 guide).


Let’s start by stating some features/pros of this area rug then some cons.

Safavieh Rug

The area rug Features

Super Soft

Safavieh Rug

It is very soft and thick which makes it very comfortable to use. The polypropylene fibers provide a dense pile that is thick and soft.

Nice Color Blend

Safavieh Rug

This area rug features a blend of grey, ivory, and black. You’d think these are dark colors but actually the ivory is more inclined towards white/off-white making it quite capable of brightening up your room rather than make it feel dull and dark.

Heavy Duty

This area rug is designed to withstand heavy traffic. It’s designed to fit living rooms and there’s no higher traffic than in a living room! It can also work in a dining room depending on your style but it would fit.

High Quality

This rug is power-loomed to ensure durability, longevity, and a virtually non-shedding rug. The quality of the propylene fibers makes it thick enough to withstand traffic and without flattening out anytime soon.


Grey is black

This rug features a shades-of-grey color blend. Grey itself is a grey word as we know there are many shades of grey here but to be specific the darkest grey is charcoal grey. Charcoal grey in many light settings would appear to be black. If that’s a concern for you then make sure it’s clear that the lighting will influence the degree of grey.

3″ Longer than specifications

The advertised 10″ X 14″ area rug is actually 10″ X 14′ 3″ which is quite daunting if you 10X14 is a perfect fit for your room. In that case, you might have to cut the extra length of the rug. However, in most cases, unless your room is perfectly 10X14, it will fit you and you won’t notice the extra length.


In the end, it is your choice to make. I can’t tell you whether this piece of art fits your room or not. But I can tell you whether this will be a good rug or not based on my review of it.

Here are some key points I think we get from the review:

  1. High quality, soft, durable rug
  2. Beautiful color blend
  3. Grey is inclined towards black
  4. Specifications can be off by a small margin

Score: 9/10

I think it’s a very good rug for the price category it belongs to. The features outweigh any problem in it. Given that this rug is a beautiful artwork with very good material and a catchy price. I’d recommend buying it if and only if you’re sure it fits your room’s style. Which should generally be a modern or contemporary room with grey somewhere in the color palette.

George Brown
George Brown
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Safavieh Modern Abstract Grey and Ivory Area Rug Review

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