Instant Pot Duo Review

10 minutes per meal

Yes, you read it right! 10 minutes per meal is all it takes to prepare a meal as big as lunch or dinner using this device! If you’re not into spending an entire day just to prepare a meal then this device is for you. The latest technology in cooking is gathered and applied in one product and that’s why we’re going to do an Instant Pot Duo Review because it’s now a best seller and it deserves to be shared with you.

Fast, it’s technology

This device studied thermodynamics quite well to utilize pressure and temperature in the process of cooking your meal. Compared to a conventional stove this device is extremely fast and produces high-quality meals. Even better, you can start cooking from frozen directly without having to defrost first, which saves a ton of time!

Here’s a table of time needed for each meal by the Instant Pot Duo Mini. You’d be amazed to see it’s that good. This device can prepare a pot roast in 30 minutes! Which is a huge time saved and with its high-quality this is definitely a good deal for everybody.

  • Whole Fish: 6 minutes
  • Whole Fish (Frozen): 7 minutes
  • Pork Ribs: 25 minutes
  • Ham: 8 minutes
  • Whole Chicken: 6 minutes
  • Beef Ribs: 30 minutes
  • Pot Roasts: 30 minutes

And it doesn’t end here, this device can even make yogurt, grain, fruit, and vegetables.


In this Instant Pot Duo Review, there’s an emphasis on Usage. This device is very easy to use I guarantee that with its simple user interface. It offers preset programs that make it as easy as putting your food inside and pressing a button, no calculations needed! There’s also an option for manual in case you want to control everything yourself or in case the presets do not cover what you want to do.

Health Benefits

According to many studies, I believe that pressure cooking preserves most of the vitamins in vegetables at a rate of almost 90% compared to conventional cooking that maintains about 40% of vitamins, thus using this device will raise your vitamin intake by basically doing nothing but changing the cooking method.

Power Saver

According to its manufacturers, this device saves up to 70% energy compared to conventional cooking. Which is a lot of energy saved by just using this device instead of going the conventional way. And in case you have an electric stove, this would be a huge win for you since electricity prices are always on the rise.

Set And Forget

All in all this device is basically a set and forget kind of device that will automate cooking for you and maximizes the throughput. Better meals, better cooking, less energy, and more vitamins! All these factors explain why it’s become a best seller and a trending product in many markets. I advise you to start considering having it since its price is very suitable for every house ($60) and it’s a long term investment.

This was Instant Pot Duo Review hopefully we’ll visit more best seller products soon that relate to your kitchen and other aspects of our homes like our home offices, appliances, and even furniture.

George Brown
George Brown
George Brown is a software developer who is experienced in embedded systems he is a Tech enthusiast, smart homes advocate. He is most interested in home automation and futuristic houses.

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